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Rusted Out Chase Pans Need to be Replaced

Rusted Galvanized Chase Pan

Rusted Galvanized Chase Pan

A chase pan or chase cover is like a shallow, upside-down cookie pan that is installed at the top of your pre-fab chimney. This pan has one purpose—to keep water from getting inside your chimney. Over time, chase pans are exposed to wind, rain and extreme temperatures that can cause severe damage. They can develop rust that eventually eats a hole through the pan, allowing water to leak into the chimney and into your home. Sometimes, a chase pan develops problems because it wasn’t installed properly.

Some common chase pan problems include:

  • Water pooling on top of the chase pan due to dents or improper installation. (Common after a hard hail storm.)
  • Rust and corrosion causing holes in the chase pan and unsightly rust stains.
  • Missing or improperly-installed storm collar.
  • Improperly-installed or damaged drip edge.

If you have a problem with your chase pan cover, it should be fixed as soon as possible. If water is penetrating your chimney, it will quickly cause damage to your fireplace, walls and chimney structure. Water may cause the metal components inside your chimney to rust and wood framing to become dry rotted.

We will examine your chase pan during our inspection and let you know what options you have. If possible, we will repair the existing pan, fixing any leaks and making sure that it is keeping the water out of your chimney. If the chase pan is too deteriorated or damaged to repair, we can install a new stainless steel chase pan. All chimneys are unique and we will build a custom chase pan to fit your chimney if needed.

A chase pan is a relatively inexpensive problem to fix. However, if you neglect this problem and don’t take care of it right away, the damage that the water penetration will cause is NOT easy or inexpensive to fix. One call ~ we do it all and we’ll take care of your chase pan repairs or new installation. Click here to schedule an appointment online!


Do you know if your chimney needs to be waterproofed? Luce’s can offer reliable, expert advice on this vital chimney repair today.

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