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Common Repair is to the Chimney Crown

before-after-chimney-restorationIf your chimney is deteriorating, chances are that you have a problem with your chimney crown. The crown is the covering around the top of the chimney. Because of its position high above the roof line, the chimney crown is exposed to all of the most harsh weather elements—wind, rain and extreme temperatures. Usually, problems to this area of the chimney are caused by water damage or cracks from constantly changing temperatures.

The chimney crown is usually a wider masonry or cement area that tops the masonry walls of the chimney. This covering stops moisture from coming through the brick and stone in your chimney. It also protects the mortar that holds the bricks and chimney structure together.

The Freeze/Thaw Effect

Cracked Chimney Crown

Cracked Chimney Crown

Because of its position at the top of your chimney, the chimney crown is exposed to all of the elements. Over time, your chimney crown may crack and deteriorate. There is something we call the freeze/thaw effect that if water is able to find its way into a small crack and freeze, it expands. The thaw that happens the next day allows a little bit more water in the same crack and when it freezes again, the crack expands again. Enough of this over time and the small crack is now a crevice and there can be some real water problems because of it. But if the structure is still sound, we can apply a strong bonding sealant to fill the cracks, then cover this with a waterproof sealant to prevent further damage. These types of repairs can add many years to the life of your chimney.

It is also possible to resurface your entire chimney crown. This process will help keep the moisture out and prevent any existing cracks from getting worse.

If your chimney crown has major structural damage, it may be necessary to replace it completely. We can pour a new concrete crown, making sure that it is the proper size and shape to prevent water intrusion and deterioration from the elements. The new crown will be reinforced with metal or fiberglass mesh in order to prevent future cracking and help the new structure last longer.

Our chimney technicians have repaired hundreds of chimney crowns. We will inspect your chimney crown and give you a detailed report on its condition, including pictures and recommendations for repairs.

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