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Chimney Flashing Repairs & Installation

Chimney Flash Seal

Chimney Flash Seal

On most homes, you will see a metal strip between the end of the bricks of your chimney and the roofline. This is called the flashing. Flashing plays a critical role in your chimney and roof system, protecting your home from the damaging effects of rain and moisture. The seam where the chimney meets the roof is a vulnerable spot, particularly susceptible to leaks. In fact, the area around your chimney is the most common place where water enters your home. If water enters your home from your chimney, it can cause:

  • Damage to the walls and ceilings
  • Rot in your roof rafters, joints or other structures
  • Mildew, mold and bad odors

If you’ve recently had a new roof installed, you would be wise to have a chimney specialist check your flashing. Poor flashing installation is a common problem. If installed properly, the flashing is placed around the chimney in two layers. The sections of flashing metal should be woven into the roof shingle courses and lapped up the side of the chimney.

But not all flashing problems are the result of poor installation. Flashing may come loose or break off due to high winds or other extreme weather conditions. Like anything else, flashing will break down over time. When your flashing is rusted, corroded, chipped or broken, it needs to be replaced. Sub-par flashing can also cause your roof to age before its time.

When we inspect your chimney we will make sure you aren’t having water problems related to your flashing. We will discuss our findings with you and make any recommendations for repairs. In order to prevent costly repairs and keep larger problems from developing, it’s important to take care of any flashing problems right away. Our technicians are trained to expertly install flashing and to make sure that it creates a waterproof seal that will protect your home.

If you have a roof leak that no one seems to be able to find or a drip, drip, drip after a good rain in the chimney, give us a call. With one call we do it all, so if it’s related to the chimney system, we will find the source of the issue. Call us today or click here to schedule an appointment online!


Repairing your chimney’s crown now can prevent more serious problems later, so let Luce’s inspect your chimney to see if you need this chimney repair service.

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