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Chimney Masonry Repairs & Restoration

This chimney needs rebuilt, from the roof line up.

This chimney needs rebuilt, from the roof line up.

Most chimneys are built out of brick and mortar. Poorly-built chimneys can be extremely dangerous to use, not to mention ugly. And, if your chimney looks ugly, chances are it isn’t working well either. Improperly-built or repaired chimneys can emit dangerous gases. Falling bricks from deteriorating chimneys can fall onto cars, neighbors, visitors or you.

As they are exposed to the elements over time, every chimney will need repair and restoration work. With masonry chimneys, this could involve anything from repairing cracks and gaps in the mortar to complete chimney rebuilds and everything in between. That’s why Luce’s Chimney & Stove Shop has chimney sweeps that specialize in masonry repairs for chimneys and fireplaces.

We Are Trained in Chimney and Fireplace Masonry

We pride ourselves on our expert masonry work. Anytime you have someone work on your chimney, you should make sure that it is a trained and licensed chimney professional. If a “handyman” works on your chimney and uses the wrong type of mortar, your chimney could end up in even worse shape than it was before. Our technicians work with masonry materials every day and they are trained to use the proper equipment to conduct simple to complex masonry repairs.

If your chimney is in good shape overall, but you are having some problems with mortar cracking and gapping, it could be that tuckpointing is all you need. Tuckpointing is a process by which we replace the missing mortar between the bricks and/or stones. We take care to grind out all of the mortar to make sure that your repair will last. If you simply cover the loose places with new mortar, it will not bond properly and the repair will fail. We will carve out all of the loose mortar to make sure that the new mortar bonds properly.

If minor repairs will work for your chimney, we will tell you. However, if you have more significant damage, it will be necessary to do a more significant rebuild. We will make sure whatever work we do is done on a solid foundation and will last for years. With one call ~ we do it all. We also do it right. That’s why we are the #1 in chimney cleaning and repairs!

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You can rely on our trained chimney and fireplace repair technicians to correctly diagnose any problems you may have with your chimney flashing. Give us a call today and let us help.

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