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Save Your Chimney with Waterproofing

Chimney_Water_Seal0002We know how devastating water damage can be to your chimney structure. Unfortunately, many homeowners simply forget to perform routine maintenance on the outside of their chimneys. Year in and year out, your chimney is exposed to the harshest punishment that Mother Nature has to offer. Moisture from rain, sleet and snow can wreak havoc on your chimney, even ruining the entire structure, if it’s not adequately waterproofed.

Once water gets in, the damage will spread throughout your home. Also, once water penetration has occurred, your chimney is not safe to use until the all of the water damage is repaired. It doesn’t matter if your chimney was installed last year or is 100 years old; a new chimney is just as susceptible to water penetration and damage as an old chimney, sometimes even more so.

There are many products on the market that can be used to waterproof your chimney. We use the leading water repellant product on the market—ChimneySaver—to waterproof our customers’ chimneys. ChimneySaver is 100% breathable water repellant, meaning it allows moisture to escape the brick material and air to circulate through the brick, which is a natural function of brick. If water remains trapped inside the bricks, this causes bricks and mortar to decompose. This causes the common problem called spalling. In the worst cases the bricks actually deteriorate from the inside out.

CrownSaver is another excellent product that we can use to seal your chimney crown and help prevent water damage issues in that area. If you have any cracks in the crown of your chimney, it’s likely that water is getting in.

We will do a thorough examination of your chimney and determine any problem areas that may be in need of waterproofing. Once we review our findings with you, we will apply the waterproofing product to your chimney. By doing this preventative maintenance, you will potentially save yourself hundreds or even thousands of dollars in future repairs. Water is extremely invasive, so anything you can do to keep it out in the first place is well worth the additional effort and cost.

We have seen this procedure extend the life of many masonry chimneys. Prevention is worth it when it comes to masonry products that are hit with water all year round. Call us if you have any questions about how this works and if this would be something you should consider for your chimney. With one call ~ we do it all, so call us today or click here to schedule an appointment online!


Did you know that a chimney damper that works properly can save on energy use? At Luce’s, we can determine how well your current damper is working and replace or repair it as needed.

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